With only 19 elegant rooms, Casa Severina keeps things intimate, respecting your need for privacy. Delight in the individually named rooms ‘Spanish style,’ each room's name and number hand crafted and painted in Spanish-Portuguese style. Discover spacious rooms with beautiful warm-coloured furnishing resplendent with Fleur-de-lis motifs, classic pattern terrazzo flooring, four poster beds, washrooms that bespeak of grandeur and vintage lavishness.

Inspired by the ocean and sun-kissed sands, our accommodations feature the hushed whisper of the tropics in colours of blue, beige and green, lending an ambiance unlike any other. With several options to choose from, we're bound to have the accommodations that are right for you.

Casa Severina pampers you with the best of amenities and services. All the amenities are common to all the four categories of rooms – Standard Boutique Room, Deluxe Room, Super Deluxe Room and Luxury Suites Room.

Only the Super deluxe rooms are more spacious than the Deluxe rooms in terms of size of rooms, balconies and bathroom. The Deluxe Rooms bathrooms are equipped with shower cubicles, whereas the Super deluxe bathrooms have shower cubicles as well as bathtubs.

The Luxury Suites Room, Casa Andre, is exclusive from the rest with a large separate living room, balcony with breakfast table, cozy bar cum reading room den and a much grander bathroom. It also has the luxury of being the only suites room.

Check out the exclusive amenities we offer in our four rooms types

Luxury Suites

1 Casa Andre

Super Deluxe Rooms

4 Cuarto, 4 Recamara

Deluxe Rooms

4 Cuarto, 4 Recamara

Standard Boutique

2 Standard Boutique Rooms